Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 3: Olympic Inspiration

James got up early this morning and I had been up for a couple of hours already.  I was watching the Olympics and the women's hockey game was starting when he got up.  It was USA vs. Canada.  He was very excited and got to watch the first period before he had to get ready for school.  On the way to school, we kept trying to find the game, but couldn't.  When we got to school, the US was up 1-0.  I went to the gym after dropping him off and was able to watch the 3 period.  It was a pretty good game.  Canada won 3-2.  When the United States scored their 2nd goal I forgot where I was.  I was running along and when the goal was scored, I threw my hands up and said, "YES!" in a not so quiet voice.  Oops....It was a good game.  I can't wait for the medal games now.

I did do 4.5 miles on the treadmill today.  I felt pretty good and kept moving.  I think watching the Olympics is helping.  It helps pass the time and I am an Olympic junkie!  I got to also watch speed skating.  Today was a day off from my weights.  Tomorrow I have another cross training day and weights again.  Friday is my first long run of my training.  I have to remember my vasaline though.  My legs are a bit chaffed from running today.

This weekend I'll have 2 rest days as I'm at a swim meet all weekend.  It should be a fun time though. 

109 days left!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 2: Half Marathon Training Has Begun!

And I'm off and running!  Yesterday and today I was in the gym with my goal in sight!  Yesterday I ran a 5k on the treadmill (Yuck!) and did weights (legs).  Today was a cross training day so I did the recumbent bike and upper body weights.  It felt good.  I'm glad I used last week to get back in the swing of things.  I have a schedule and my training plan, so I'm ready to go!

I just want some of this snow to melt so as my long runs get longer, I can run them outside.  I can only do about 10k on the treadmill and that's a mental battle for me.  I just hate staying in the same place the whole time.  I do make a game out of it and speed up and slow down at various times.  It doesn't make it any easier mentally for me though.  I just have to get through it I guess. 

Weight lifting has been going really well.  I feel really good while doing it.  I'm already going to up the weight on some exercises.  That's a good sign!

With my half marathon training comes my half marathon eating.  More protein and lots of fresh fruits and veggies!  I love it!  I have been eating like crap for about a month.  I haven't been getting enough vegetables and I can tell.  But I'm back on it and should start feeling more energized soon.

My next check up race is on March 8th.  It's the downhill race I run every year.  This year I'm going to break 30 minutes!  That's my goal and I think I'll be there by March.

Tomorrow I'm doing a 4-5 mile run, but no weights.  Thursday is another cross training and weights day.  Friday is my long run, 10k.  Saturday and Sunday I'm at a swim meet so I won't be able to get in any runs.  Monday should feel good though after standing on the pool deck the whole weekend.

110 days until I run my race!  Let's get this done!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Couples 5k

Today we ran our annual Couples Valentine's 5k race.  James got to run it with us this year.  Mike and I have run this race 3 years in a row now.  We register as a couple and have to run tied together.  Here we are before the race.

This year we had James so he registered and ran as a single.  He was very excited as the finishers medals are big hearts and he has always loved our medal.

 It was snowy and cold, but that didn't stop us!  The course was a bit slick so we ran a bit slower to make sure we didn't fall.  James did a great job of running the first 3.5k.  He walked to drink some water and then finished the race strong.  It wasn't a best time, but it was a pretty good time for the conditions.  We ran a 38:52.

Here we are after the race.

We went back inside for some pizza and the awards. James ended up getting 2nd in his age group.  He won a running hat and a $10 gift card to the Running Room.  He was so excited!

After he got his prize, he got a post-race massage before heading home.

It was a great day!  Tomorrow starts my half-marathon training!  112 days until I race my 2nd half marathon.  Day 1 starts tomorrow!

Friday, February 7, 2014

It's Been Awhile

Ack...the holidays and all this blessed snow got me sidetracked and off schedule.  I'm back now and have been hitting the gym really hard this week.  Next week starts my half marathon training.  I'm running the Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon.  I'm pretty excited.

I did run the Robbie Burns 8k and dropped 4 minutes from my best time on that route.  It was crazy cold, but it was a nice run.  Here I am after the race.

This was my first race as a 40 year old.  Not too bad.

This weekend we run the Valentine's Day Couples 5k.  James will be running as well.  We found out that we were going to have him this weekend so we got him registered as a single.  He's pretty excited about that too.

Because of all the snow and ice, I've been running on the treadmill this week.  I'm hoping that over the next few weeks it starts to clear up so I can do my long runs outside.  I just want a safe place to to them.  I'm really nervous about twisting an ankle on the ice and snow.  Or getting hit by car due to the incredibly high snow banks.

I've been hitting the weights this week as well.  It feels good to be back into a routine after being out of it for a few months.  I think when I'm looking at my training schedule, I'm going to have to accept that December and part of January are just crazy and I just need to get a run in when I can.  

This week has been all about getting on a schedule so I can start training next week.  I'm ready to hit it and hit it hard!

Half Marathon Training here I come!!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 8: Sunday Was Race Day...The Hannukah Hustle

Yesterday was a great day to run.  The weather was warm and the sun was peaking out.  Mike and I were in Hamilton for the Hannukah Hustle.  It's my 3rd year running this race and I love it!  The course is so pretty and VRPro puts on such great races!  This year was no exception.

Here we are before the race.  It was a bit chilly standing around.

I hadn't run since Wednesday so I knew I wasn't going to go much faster than my best time.  River ended up with a cold and couldn't run Friday.  My schedule got all thrown off because I had to take her to the vet so I didn't get out for a run either.  River really keeps me going.

The race starts with a downhill and since it's an out and back that means it ends in an uphill.  Ugh...It's not a big hill, but it's still a hill.  I felt really good the whole race.  I knew I was going to slow down a bit at the end going up the hill so I tried to push a bit more than normal at the front end of the race.  I could feel that I did push harder around the 3k mark.  I really tried to keep my pace up though.  It always seems that the hills that are the gentle rolling hills are the hardest for me.  Yep, I felt this hill!  I was not a happy camper going up it.  Once I got to the top there is about 100 yards to the finish.  I tried to push it, but my legs wouldn't go as hard as I wanted them to go.  I need to get more speed work in starting this week.  Here I am crossing the finish line and after the race.

I was off my best time by about 50 seconds.  I ran my 5k in 30:53.  Not bad and about what I expected.  After getting some water, a hot dog, and a potato latke, we checked the results.  I ended up first in my age group!  I have never placed in a race in the 4 years I've been running.  I was really excited!  There were 5 other women in my age group.  It was pretty cool to place.  Here I am getting my medal and then posing for pictures.

Here is what the medal looked like.  I think it's pretty cool!

I really love the races that VRPro puts on and am looking forward to running the Santa Race Hamilton with James on Sunday.  Right now I'm getting ready to head out for a quick run with River.  She's allowed to go on short runs for now.  It's going to be a windy one though!  Hope we don't blow away!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 3: Brrrr.....

Yesterday I just took River for a walk.  I was supposed to do speed work, but Mike was out of town and I just couldn't get motivated to get to the gym later in the day.  Today we woke up to snow and cold temperatures.  After dropping James off, I came home and got ready for my run.  River was excited like she always is.

We started out a bit slower since there was snow on parts of the sidewalk.  I didn't want to slip and fall.  It was cold, but sunny and that made for a nice day to run.  I never really hit my groove today though.  The run just felt off the whole time.  It didn't hurt or fell hard, it just felt off.  My pace was okay even with the snow.  I just wasn't feeling it this morning.

River had a good time though.  She was in her element with this cooler temperatures.  She was happy and smiling the whole time.  Towards the end she was ready to come home though.  She has a point in the run where I think she just gets bored, but then all of a sudden she's back in the run.  It makes for some great interval training for me though.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be in the gym.  I have to get back in that routine.  I'm back on a running schedule so now I have to get back to the gym.  It's a cross training day so I'll do the bike and weights.  I just have to make myself get up and go.  Friday is my long run day.  Going to try to get 10-12k in that morning.  Saturday is my rest day and Sunday I run the Hanukkah Hustle.  It should be a good next few days!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 1 of Training For My Next Goal Race

Today is my first day of training for my next goal race; The Robbie Burns 8k in January.  It will be my first race as a 40 year old.  I've run this race 2 other times and I love it.  The course is flat and the route is nice.  My first year, it was my first run longer than 5k.  Last year I ran with a strained hamstring.  This year I want to kill it!  My goal is under 55 minutes.  My 8k runs with River have been pretty good.  I'm feeling good since I've been back after my half marathon.  Last week was my first week of good solid running and I felt really strong.

Yesterday I was able to get out for a long run before the swim meet.  River and I ran 6.5 miles.  I had to really force myself out the door because I was tired.  I was only going to do a short run, but I started getting my water bottles together and River's water bottle together.  Pretty soon I was out the door and heading down my long route.  We ran through the country on a crisp morning.  The wind was blowing, but there was only about a mile that we were running into the wind.  That was a tough mile though.  I felt good for most of the run.  There was about 10-15 minutes that were rough, but River pulled me through it.  I felt really good after the run and River was sacked out for Mike and James while I was at the meet.

This morning we went for a short 2.5 mile recovery run.  Last week we were lucky in missing the rain.  Today not so much.  We had just started the run when it started raining.  Because of the temperature, the rain was slushy and icy.  River didn't like the rain and slush at all.  She is very much a fair weather dog.  She was pouting a bit on the last half of the run.  She is a trooper though.  I'm glad that she will come out running with me.

I wanted to be back in the gym tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I can since Mike is out of town and James gets dropped off so early.  I might have to do speed work with River at the "track" between the schools.  She'll like that as long as it's not raining. 

Now I'm off to get my week started!  Take some time today to remember all those who have served our country.  Thank you for you service!